The Founders Feud 3
Hey Now! It's time for the third installment of the Founder's Feud! Team Tony and Steve won one game and Team Chris and Brian won one game... It's sudden death time! And you could win a copy of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition furnished by Cabalist Raymond Morse! Also Two Cabalists will be selected to be Proxy contestants assigned to the Founder's Teams to win big big prizes!

The contest deadline is Feb 20th at Midnight EST.
Also, All international entrants welcome!

Good Luck Cabalists!
Go Go Go!
Which of the following games from over ten years ago do you feel has stood the test of time and can hold its own next to modern board game designs? *

Of the following deep and engaging strategy euro games, which do you believe conveys its theme the best? *

A friend of yours has really gotten into hobby board games and, because she’s a huge science fiction fan, she is dying to play a great sci-fi game. Which of the following games would you recommend to her? *

If you could halt all future creation of games with one of the following themes, which theme would it be? *

There is only one “coolest” fantasy race. It is a fact. Which of the following do you feel is the coolest? *

Of the following popular game mechanics, which would you be the most excited to see in the next hit board game? *

You are heading a special task force at Hasbro and you are asked to spearhead a redesign of Monopoly targeted to the hobby board game market. You have 7 resumes on your desk and you have to make the decision who to hire as the lead designer. Who will it be? *

CMON is planning their next over the top, endless miniatures, Kickstarter extravaganza and it will be designed by Eric Lang but YOU get to pick it's theme. Which of the following themes would you choose for him to design? *

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